Our facility - the origin of innovative furniture.

Spirit of Craftsman is injected into our blood to guarantee us to do everything correct and perfect. ACCURACY is our attitude which leads us to focus on every detail, keeping concentrated on each step of the manufacture of furniture.We are trying to establish new standards of furniture and supervising more possibility of perfection.

Beginning at collecting raw materials, every piece of outdoor furniture needs at least 6 steps in the processes,including sawing, drilling , glazing, sanding and oiling. We believe that using Resysta would save trees’ lives, the Earth’s life and ours as well. So we work on the combination of nature and modern environmental protection, devoting to define INNOVATIVE FURNITURE.



Perfect furniture comes from strict proportion of original ingredients and rigorous selection of materials. We always follow the formula “Approx. 60% rice husk + approx. 22% common salt + approx. 18% mineral oil = Resysta”. As all of us take responsibility for protecting the environment, we create a green material--Resysta which looks like wood but is better than wood to put our concept into effect—NO WOOD.


Complex process of handmade rattan gives unique meanings to every part of hand-woven wickers. Every piece of wickers can be the symbol of our effect and pride of our factory. We always trust that we could serve you an absolute relaxing time if we never cease working hard on it.